Instagram does not have any separate option to download any content such as photos, videos, IGTV videos, Insta reels, stories, etc. If you like any post, all you have to do is use the Save option.

However, this will save the target post in your account only, not on your device. 

Then what to do to save them on your device? 

There is a viable option – Instagram Photo Download and Video download platform. The popularity of such tools is increasing day by day and “ Save insta ” is one such website/tool.

You can download your favorite Instagram content on your device using it correctly. So, today’s guide is a quick guide on it. Continue reading till the end….

What Is SaveInsta Video Downloader?

SaveInsta is an instant Instagram video download and Instagram photo download website. The best thing about this is you don’t need to use any particular software or application for downloading Insta content. Just any browser, a stable internet connection, and That’s It!

What kind of Instagram content can you download? – Insta reels, IGTV videos, images, videos, and stories. Who are its competitors? There are many other Instagram Photo Download and Instagram Video Download apps like SaveIG. These are its rivals or competitors. 

Thus, you don’t have to rely on just the Save option of Instagram from now on. This high-rated Instagram Video Save website will save your time and help you grab your favorite posts. 

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SaveInsta – A General Overview Of The Platform

Instagram is a social media platform, where account users, share popular videos and photos, and also their own photos and videos which they create by themselves. The latter share their own content on the Instagram platform to earn on the platform. They earn their money after a certain number of followers subscribe to their account, and a certain number of users watch the content that they have posted on their account page.

Opening an Instagram account and creating content on Instagram is completely free. Every day, millions of content creators, celebrities, sports stars, and normal users post their photos and videos on Instagram. However, you will not be able to download these pieces of content from the Instagram app or website. This is where platforms like SaveInsta come to play. It offers you to watch and download Instagram content of other users for free.

SaveInsta is basically an app-based and a web-based platform, where you will be able to download Instagram content anonymously, without logging in to your Instagram account. You can download all kinds of media that a particular content creator on Instagram posts for the followers to see. The types of media include videos, reels, photos, stories, and more.

On Google, we have found two different SaveInsta platforms – and According to the official website of, “Saveinsta is one of the popular websites that helps you to convert the Instagram post into MP4 or JPG. You can easily download Instagram pictures and clip from your browser. It’s the best site to download Instagram videos online. Saveinsta usually records Instagram post from Instagram downloader and give direct access to original quality video and photo in MP4 & JPG file format.

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