Gorgeous Persian Cats

Persian cats are known for their long, flowing coats, sweet faces, and calm personalities. Their luxurious coats come in a stunning array of colors and patterns, from solid white to tabby to calico. While Persians all share common physical traits like large eyes, fluffy fur, and compact bodies, no two coats are exactly alike. This article will guide you through different types of gorgeous Persian cat coats and appearances.

Persian Cat Breed Overview

Before diving into specific types of Persian cat looks, let’s review some basics on this beloved breed.

  • Originated in “Persia” region, now Iran
  • Brought to Europe in 1600s; popularized in cat shows starting late 1800s
  • Known for long, flowing coat, round face, squashed nose
  • Come in wide variety of coat colors/patterns
  • Range from 7-12 lbs fully grown
  • Sweet, gentle temperament; adaptable to indoor living
  • Require daily grooming to prevent matting/tangling of fur

Now let’s explore some striking Persian cat looks, from sophisticated Himalayans to the exotic Tabby Persians.

Stunning Solid Color Persians

Solid color Persians have coats of one consistent shade. While classified by color, they may have subtle markings like ghost striping or lighter “frown” lines.

Popular Solid Color Types

Coat ColorDescription
WhiteSparkling pure white fur
BlueRich, deep gray hue
BlackSleek jet black coats
RedVibrant ginger to deep red
CreamWarm ivory to pale tan
ChocolateRich brown shade

The next table features examples of prizewinning solid color Persian cats. Notice their vivid tones and uniquely beautiful faces.

Winning Solid Color Persians

Cat NameCoat ColorBest Feature
RW SGC Felicity of AngelkatzPure WhiteElegant structure and bright eyes
GC, NW Simon of ChananBlueExquisite silver-blue shade
GC, BW Victorian Lady AnnabellaBlackSilky, inky fur
CH Rivendell Scarlett OharaRedStunning auburn red tone

Solid color Persians stand out for their eye-catching, uniform coats ranging from snowy white to midnight black. Next we’ll learn about flashy tabby Persians.

Captivating Tabby Persians

While less common than solids, Tabby Persians hypnotize with their intricate “M” shaped markings. Tabbies come in four patterns:

  • Classic: Bold swirls framing the “M” on forehead
  • Mackerel: Narrow stripes
  • Spotted: Leopard-like dots
  • Patched: Broad patchwork stripes

Stylish Tabby Patterns

Tabby TypeDescription
ClassicThick “M” marks; whorls resembling bullseye
MackerelNarrow stripes run along body in fishbone pattern
SpottedLeopard-like dots decorate coat instead of stripes
PatchedBroad stripes run down sides in patchwork pattern

The most common Tabby Persian colors are brown, silver, blue, red, and cream. Featured below are stunning prize-winning Tabby Persians.

Award-Winning Tabby Persians

Cat NameColorsPattern TypeAwards
CH Crystalgayles BallerinaRed tabbyMackerel-striped98 Best Kitten awards
RW BW SGC Xceptionallee BritspotCream spotted tabbySpotted125 awards by 2 years old
GC, BW, NW Lakespurr FunkadelicBrown tabbyPatched classic2nd Best Cat in 2010

Whether spotted or striped, Tabby Persians dazzle with their colorful patterns. Up next we’ll explore the striking contrast of bicolor Persians.

Dapper Bicolor Persians

Bicolor Persians feature white spots combined with a darker base color. They can have lots of smaller spots, a few large patches, or something in between. The contrast makes their patterns truly pop.

Common Bicolor Types

Base ColorPaired with
BlackWhite spots
BlueWhite spots
Red tabbyWhite spots
Silver tabbyWhite spots

Check out award-winning bicolor Persians below. The white spots look like snowflakes sprinkled on their thick fur!

Prize-Winning Bicolor Persians

Cat NameColor ComboNotable Wins
RW BW SGCA Xcellent BenjaminbicolorBlack & white130 awards
GC, BW Silverridge Snow AngelsBlue & white3rd Best Kitten of Year
CH Crystalynx ConfetticatRed tabby & white48 Best Cat wins

With attention-grabbing contrast, bicolor Persians are indeed “excellent”. Finally, let’s admire the show-stopping good looks of the Himalayan Persians.

Angelic Himalayan Persians

Perhaps the most glamorous type, the Himalayan boasts a sparkling white coat offset by deep color points on the face, ears, legs and tail. They resemble Persian versions of the Siamese breed.

While technically a color pattern, Himalayans are usually classified separately from other Persians. Let’s learn about this angelic breed.

Himalayan Traits

  • Color points:
    • Darker shade on face, ears, legs, tail
    • Colors include chocolate, seal, lilac, blue
  • Long, thick, luminescent white coat
  • Round blue eyes; sweet expression
  • Calm personality – true “gentle giants”

Check out gorgeous award-winning Himalayan Persians:

Prize-Winning Himalayan Persians

Cat NameColor PointsWins & Titles
GC, BW, NW Kenlare KoronationSeal pointsMultiple Best Cat awards
GC RW Lakespurr Regal PharoahChocolate points2 regional Best Cat titles
GC, BW Divine’s Marshmallow SnowballLilac pointsOver 100 First Place wins

With their angelic faces and crystallized fur, Himalayan Persians complete our tour of these visually stunning cats. May all who read this delight in their beauty!

In Conclusion

In closing, Persian cats come in an impressive array of looks from their flowing coats to mesmerizing eyes. We learned about solid color Persians with their eye-catching single tones, flashy tabby Persians decorated with stripes or spots, dramatic bicolor Persians with their contrasting white spots, and angelic Himalayan Persians with their sparkling coats and cute color-pointed faces.

While imported long ago from ancient Persia, Persian cats soon became beloved across the world for their beauty, calm personalities, and adaptability to indoor living. Still tremendously popular today, Persians win honors at cat shows for their impressive range of colors and patterns. Their flowing fur requires daily grooming but their sweet company more than rewards the attentive owner.

From midnight black to snowy white and every pattern in between, gorgeous Persian cats continue spreading their beauty around the globe one delightful companion at a time.

FAQs on Gorgeous Persian Cats

Q: How much daily grooming does a Persian cat need?

A: Expect to spend at least 10-15 minutes a day carefully brushing a Persian cat with a wide-tooth metal comb to prevent mats and tangles in their long fur. Daily grooming keeps their luxurious coats looking gorgeous.

Q: Do Persians stay playful longer than other breeds?

A: Yes! Given health and proper care, Persians often retain their youthful playfulness even as seniors over age 10. While all cats grow calmer with age, Persians are known for defying aging stereotypes thanks to their naturally gentle natures.

Q: Are Persian cats harder to train than other breeds?

A: Not necessarily. While Persians tend to have minds of their own, most respond well to positive reinforcement training involving treats or play. Having a predictable routine can help too. While slower to train than some breeds, patient, reward-based methods still produce good results with Persians.

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